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Recent work

Recent work

Websites & brand identities for non profits, tech companies, and consultants

nu Foundation · Project

Guided by faith, driven by data

Contractful · Project

Centralize manual vendor contracts

Diversio · Project

Don't just measure inclusion, improve it

iZnew · Project

Discover what makes you unique

What other people say

What other people say

Comments from clients, colleagues, and partners

Adam Evers


I've worked with many website designers, but seeing Will use @framer to tackle CMS stuff so effortlessly is mind-boggling

Leila Kassam


I really appreciate the way Will sets out information / asks so clearly in meetings and level set to get everyone on the same page! and the way you bring creative ideas and solutions to the table. It's very cool especially to see someone in a very specialized role bring big picture to the table and contribute so much.

Rochelle Cooks


Will is an exceptional UX graphic designer who cares about the project and intended audience. He asks clarifying questions to ensure the final product meets expectations. His work, usually, exceeds expectations!!!

Hannah Barnett


Will taught me so much about human-centered design. The principles that guide his work really help to add meaning to data in order to tell powerful stories

Sahil Pathak


Will's methodology gracefully embraces a balance between text and visuals, pushing the boundaries of traditional design.

Will's artistry intertwines text and visuals – into a unified, coherent narrative.

Courtney Mizrachi


Will is really great at operating within the scope of the role. Fantastic at sharing out of the box ways of thinking about design.